About Us

Norwegian Electrical Contractor company focused in housing market.

To commit to the Vision, hold Values at heart, and provide:

  • high technical quality, good support and practical innovations to clients;
  • good workplace to employees;
  • synergy to partners;
  • healthy profitability to shareholders;
  • responsible, positive input to community.


  • Personal Responsibility. Responsibility is taken, respect is given, not otherwise.
  • Mutual Respect. Recognize the sovereignty of other person to be different.
  • Mutual Trust. Believe that other person has your interest at heart.
  • Constructive Problemsolving. Good teamwork should fascilitate good brainwork.
  • Earned Reward. There is little value or joy in geting or giving reward unearned.
  • Time. Everyone has only one life, time is precious. Therefore, if you chose to share a fraction of it with us as our employee, partner or client, we take it with seriousness and gratitude.